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March 7, 2016
          One of my favourite magazines to read is Christian Early Education published through the Association of Christian Schools International.  I love how it is designed -colourful and fun, but more importantly I love the articles and the value
February 16, 2016
Patience is a word that is often heard in my house these days.  “Patience,” I hear my husband say to my 20 month old daughter as she impatiently waits for her snack to be prepared or as she tries to climb into the bath water before we
August 17, 2015
This September will be the start of my 21st year in Christian education.  I have to admit that before I starting teaching in a Christian school I did not have a very positive perception of Christian education.  All I knew is that when I was in high

Parent Information

Parents please carefully read this handbook and use it as a guide and reference throughout the school year.This handbook allows for students, parents and teachers to be aware of the routines and expectations of the school and therefore be able to follow those expectations. In short this book will help you to keep in touch with Sonrise and make you familiar with the day-to-day procedures.

    The Parent Handbook is in a .pdf format. Please click the above link to view, save or print at your convenience.

    Click the above link for a list of supplies your child(ren) will need for the first day of school.

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