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Principal's Greeting

Thank you for your interest in the educational opportunities available at Sonrise Christian Academy. Since 1986 our school has been offering quality Christian education to families in Prince Edward County. At Sonrise, we provide a nurturing Christ-centred learning environment that allows each child to grow to their full potential both academically and spiritually.


A personal message from Mrs. Walcott:

I recently wrote this article for the local newspaper.  I am sharing it with you, in hopes that is an encouragement to you to allow the Lord to use you for his purposes.  



For Such a Time as This

Often, we feel like we have a plan for our lives and perhaps even some goals that we are striving towards.  I wonder, though what it would be like if we just surrendered our “plans” and just listened to God.  For the last year or two, I have prayed a lot, asking God to please show me what He has for me.  Am I pleasing Him with how I spend my time? Do I honor and glorify Him in my family, in my work, with my friends? These are the big questions that keep me up at night.  I so deeply want to know that I am serving Him with my life and that He is well-pleased.  His answers come when my heart is at peace and I am no longer fretfully trying to figure out which path to take.  I have found that when I earnestly pray and ask Him to show me what His will is, He answers me very clearly.  

Those of you who know me, know how deeply I treasure Christian Education.  Attending a Christian school as a child, and then a Christian University, helped shape the foundation of the person that I am today.  I just love how I can look at my life story so far and see God’s hand guiding me all along!  Before I moved to Canada, I was fresh out of University and I had the privilege of teaching in a Christian high school.  After I married and moved to Canada, I spent the next 17 years raising my family with my husband and growing our own businesses.  These experiences have taught me many things: resilience, multi-tasking, prioritizing, training, networking, building identity in the home and workplace, I could go on and on.  So, as I prayed many tearful prayers in these last few years, I asked God to reveal to me how I can serve Him.  Last winter, our daughter’s school, Sonrise Christian Academy, announced the resignation of the school Principal.  After many weeks of prayer and consideration, I decided I needed to answer the call on my heart, which was to apply for the position.  Remember how I mentioned earlier how God prepares us? Well, in the last 12 years of my relationship with Sonrise Christian Academy, I have fulfilled many roles: parent, volunteer driver, Mat. Leave Phys Ed teacher, supply teacher and board member.  Recently, the Board hired me as the Interim Principal and I am so thankful that God has led me back into a formal role in a Christian School.  I feel like He has been preparing this path for me all along, much in the way that God used Queen Esther.  She was obedient and patient.  She followed God’s direction and through her obedience, He blessed the Jewish people.  I truly believe (because of my contented heart,) that this is God’s will and I have been prepared “for such a time as this”. I am so excited to see how He will use me to further His kingdom here in Prince Edward County.  I want to be clear though, this isn’t about me.  This is about Him. I am just the vessel and I have been prepared, for such a time as this.

I sincerely pray that you will find some quiet moments to pray and talk with God.  Ask Him to show you how to live in His will: earnestly seek Him and He will answer you.



Sophie Walcott | Principal
Sonrise Christian Academy