Grades 1 - 6

Our grade 1 to 6 program progressively builds on the strong foundation students receive in our kindergarten program. Students receive instruction starting in grade one in all subject areas including Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, French, Music, Art, Health and Physical Education.

It is our ongoing goal to provide students with a strong academic program in order to best prepare them for secondary school and beyond. Our teachers have high expectations for students and provide them with the instruction, guidance and support to meet those expectations.

Our small class sizes ensure that all students remain actively involved in lessons and have opportunity to participate, answer questions, and share ideas during class discussions.

Our school and classroom culture of learning is enhanced by the following practices:

1. Growth Mindset

Based on the belief that our intelligence and level of ability is able to change, develop and grow, rather than remain at a fixed "point" that we were born with. With a growth mindset, mistakes are necessary for learning. The growth mindset approach encourages perseverance and hard work to change where we are. With growth mindset practices, multiple drafts are all part of the process of helping students produce beautiful work and meet their full potential.


2.  Responsive Classroom

The focus of Responsive Classroom is bringing social/emotional learning and awareness alongside the academic learning done throughout a school day. With a priority of establishing routines and behaviours that will bring order and reliability to the school day. There also is a focus on building a positive community - creating a culture of welcome, inclusion, safety and acceptance in the classroom where students feel comfortable taking risks.


3.  Teaching for Transformation

TFT provides a framework for the development of authentic and integral Christian learning experiences that are grounded in transformational worldview, with a focus on seeing and living out God's story. Read more about Teaching for Transformation here