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November 8, 2018
Here is the text of the appeal speech presented to attendees at the school's 2018 Fundraising Banquet.  
June 12, 2018
          This year as a school we have explored the theme, "This is My Story.

What We Offer


Building Kingdom Builders who will live and learn with courage, curiousity and compassion.

            Encouraging Children of God to live in community with honesty, respect and joy.

At Sonrise Christian Academy, all curriculum is taught from a Biblical world view. The truth as found in God's word is the foundation in which all subjects are taught. As our mission statement states, we aim to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and integrity of heart needed to make a difference in the world for the kingdom of God.

It is our ongoing goal to match or exceed the content and expectations of the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines in all subject areas.

If you require further information on specific curriculum areas, we invite you to contact the office or speak with the principal directly.