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What is Christian Education

What is Christian education?  It is not always an easy question to answer.  As I have gone through the hiring process I asked this question to each of the potential teaching candidates.  One person I interviewed answered the question by saying what Christian education isnít.  He said the one thing he knew for sure was that Christian education was not just putting a scripture verse at the end of a lesson (I totally agree.)


Well, that still leaves us with the question what is Christian education? It is not always the easiest question to answer.  However, let me share with you my thoughts and understanding of Christian education. In Romans 11:36 (The Message) it states:


Everything comes from God alone.

Everything lives by his power and

Everything is for His glory.


Because of the truth that everything comes from God, lives by his power and is for his glory it becomes evident the value of teaching in the context of God and His word.  


Want to know even more about Christian education?  Then visit www.whychristianschools.ca/ website to read and learn even more.


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