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The Perfect Guide

This summer my husband and I vacationed in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania.  Usually, we stay pretty close to home and road trips in unfamiliar territory are not part of our vacation plans.  However, this was a trip we won courtesy of a local car dealership, so how could we turn it down.  As we were preparing for the trip it became more and more obvious to us that it was about time we invest in a GPS.  We thus left our trusted, familiar paper maps behind and instead embarked on this new journey with the GPS in hand.

All was well until we passed the border into Pennsylvania.  The GPS which we now called Garmin was telling us to get off of the interstate. This was the critical turning point in our journey in which a quick and hard decision had to be made.  Do we trust the way of Garmin or do we ignore his recommendation and stay on the familiar highway? Well, to keep this story short we chose to follow Garmin. 

The next three hours of our trip were beautiful, scenic, peaceful, yet nerve wracking all at the same time.  We were now traveling through the back roads of Pennsylvania.  Our elevation was constantly changing as we traveled up and down the winding roads mile after mile with scarcely a town or person in sight. Night was falling along with our hopes that we would ever reach our destination. We were now completely alone and reliant solely upon this GPS.  In the end, thankfully, after 3 hours of back roads the GPS guided us perfectly to our destination.

Guides us perfectly, that is what Jesus does for us when we trust totally and completely in him.  It may not be the path in which we would choose for our self but it is the path he has chosen for us.  If we venture back to those Pennsylvania back roads those were not the roads my husband and I would have chosen.  However, I have to admit without that part of the trip we would have missed out on some amazing landscapes, quaint hamlets and lots and lots of wildlife.  We would have reached our destination but we would have lost out on some of the joy of the journey.

This trip was the perfect illustration for me of trusting in God.  When we were traveling on those back roads we were completely dependent upon our GPS for our every move.  (I donít believe I have ever held on to a device so tightly in my entire life.)  God asks us to trust in Him with the same need and dependency.  In Proverbs 3:5, 6, it reads, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not onto your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.Ē  God calls us, wants us, to trust in Him completely.  He will always direct our paths.  It may not be the easy path, or the straightforward path, but it will be His path, with his directions and his leading.  And for me that is the path I want to be on.        

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