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Kindergarten reflections

From the Kindergarten Classroom


Itís that time of year to reflect and this brings me to that well known song, "The Sound of MusicĒ where Julie Andrews gets up twirling around her bedroom with the children rhyming off their favourite things.  Now, if you are anything like my husband, right now you are singing like a woman in an accent sounding like the Duchess of England, rolling your eyes because, The Sound of Music is not one of your favourite things. But thatís OK, we are all made differently and I happen to like it.

So to get the point, I am here to tell you my favourite things during our last term of Junior and Senior Kindergarten for 2014.  Now, if you ask my students what their preferred subjects were this year, they would say "lunch, recess and playtimeĒ.  And then all teachers say "Ahh! If they only knew how much work we put into the rest of their year!Ē  But thatís OK too.  That is how they are made.

So to begin, my first favourite thing would be our new Butterfly Unit. To back track a little bit, my students like to collect bugs all year long and admire Godís beauty within them.  As you get older you wonder where the beauty in a spider is that is found crawling up your wall.  But there is beauty even there, itís all in the eye of the beholder, and thank the Lord, God thinks we are beautiful despite ourselves.

So, this year we ordered 10 little caterpillars online who are, amazingly, making themselves (through the design of our Lord) into chrysalises.  The children have been amazed to watch them transform, even in a day, from caterpillar to a little green cocoon.  We are still awaiting their arrival, and when they do turn into lovely little butterflies, the children are eagerly waiting to name them. Now what did I learn from this example of Godís amazing power?  For me this year, it is that God can transform even myself and my students, from sinful creatures always seeming to try to get to the land of somewhere, only to find themselves and others in the land of nowhere.  Yet through His mercy, He can redeem us and make us soar on a daily basis, if I we are willing to try.  He can reinstate us daily.  He can make all of us fly anew in His grace.

My second favourite thing this year was Track and Field.  Our little Kís were constantly outside this term getting ready for the big day!  There were many times when tears would come, children would be discouraged that they came in last, or didnít beat the others in a running race, but we talked about how it just mattered that we did our personal best, and that everyone had different talents.  We also discussed how at the other side of the winning line was Jesus, with arms open wide waiting for them to finish, even if they fell.  This seemed to immediately change their attitude from some sadness to determination, and on the BIG DAY that is exactly what happened to each and every one of them.  Not one child had a sad face if they didnít get a ribbon.  Each one completed the race, even if they were behind the others, and still had a big smile to boot.  Some children were even willing to share their ribbons with others, and one, even after falling and suffering a split lip, stayed to the end to finish all the events. How proud we should be of our children. Some had red ribbons, some blue, some white and some the royal purple participation ribbon that reiterated that Jesus was joyful that they (the students) had finished their race well, and that HE was WELL pleased. If there isnít a lesson in that, I will tell you part of it, run your race, ask Jesus to pick you up, and He is there at the finish line waiting for you with eyes gleaming, proud as can be!

My last favourite thing is something I meant to do all year long but forgot to do it till just recently.  We have a bulletin board in our room with a tree on it, and each season it has changed from green to colourful leaves, to Christmas snowy branches and now to spring blossoms.  Kieran came up to me a couple of weeks ago, and reminded me that in September it was supposed to be our prayer tree and that we havenít been using it.  God bless him.  He was right.  So now we have been.  Each time the children have had prayer requests, we have written it down on a leaf and put it on the tree.  We then put a check mark on it if the prayer request had been answered.  In one of our devotions, we learned that Godís answers to our prayers were one of three things, "yesĒ, "noĒ, or "waitĒ because each answer was for our good and because Jesus loves us.  The students easily grasped this concept and still excitedly or compassionately put their hands up for prayer, but usually not for themselves. Prayers like my Grandmaís cat died, she needs comfort.  Pastor Peter has had an operation, we want him back.  My Dad is working on the water all the time now and I want him to be safe. A family member is sick and wishing them to be healed and to come home, or a pet has died and hoping that God would have it waiting for them in Heaven. 

What is on your prayer tree today?  We learned this year that God does listen, He does care, and He does answer. I think I learn more from the children sometimes than they do from me.  It is my job and your job to tell them what we learned from them, for God has said, "to come to Him as little children.Ē  They are such good teachers.  We are all very blessed.

This summer, think of your favourite things for they are Godís blessings to you. Look for them, "for all good things come from HimĒ and they are there every day.  From our class memory work this year we heard through Godís word that, "He thinks of us every moment, even when we wake He is still thinking of us.Ē Letís ask Him to find His eyes for us, His care for us this summer and to be grateful for such a loving Lord.  And as He reminds me, this summer I am to look through my childrenís eyes to see HIM.  Grab your blessing, it will be worth it.  This summer is your gift.  Let Him help you make the most of it.  See this summer through the eyes of your children.  They own the Kingdom.  Let the Lord bless us all.


Most Sincerely,

Maribeth Daniels          

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