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Family Like Atmosphere

I have always seen Sonrise as more than just a school, in fact I see it as more than just a community, I view it as a family.  There are so many examples which I feel exemplifies the family-like atmosphere we aim to provide.  I see it when I look out my office window at 4:15 and there are still children playing on the playground and parents forming friendships as they meet and talk in the parking lot.

 I observed this family – like atmosphere the day the grade one class proudly and enthusiastically served hot lunch to the rest of the school.  Students in the other grades responded with words of encouragement, gratitude and lots of high fives.  It is so clear we are a family when a gr.7 student  acts as a big buddy to a JK student and gently leads him to line and helps him with his backpack each school day. 

 I could share so many more examples from students helping each other to learn new skills, singing together as a school choir or memorizing God’s word and praying together.  The family atmosphere includes activities for the entire family including our Welcome Back Family BBQ, Grandparents’ Day Celebration, to the Strawberry Social and so much more. 

Yes, school is a place of learning.  We aim to provide our students with a high academic program with a biblical world view.  How much greater is a school when it also provides a sense of family and belonging. 

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