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iPads Above and Beyond

Roots and Wings Going Above and Beyond: Part 1 of 3

A year ago we started meeting as a Technology Advancement committee to decide how we move forward in using technology to provide the best educational experience for our students. I have to admit that I was the skeptical one when we were considering moving to iPads.  I read lots of reviews online and as with most things there were reviews and blogs both for and against. After further research the decision was made to purchase iPads and after a generous donation, the school penny drive, and our hot lunch program all expenses were covered. 

Now, one year in to using our iPads in the classroom and I am totally convinced of their benefit.  I know that we have not reached near the full potential of these devices but with the little that we have tapped into they are invaluable.  A dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, thesaurus, calculator, camera, video camera are all in this one small device and so much more.  The devices are equally beneficial for creating as they are consuming.

With so much information instantly accessible there are a new set of learning skills for this new generation.  As we move ahead education is no longer just about the 3 Rís or reading, writing and arithmetic, they now also include the 4 cís of collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.  As we develop these skills within our students we are helping them to not only develop basic lifelong skills we are equipping them to go above and beyond. As a Christian school we also have the responsible to ensure that as our students have wings that they also have well established roots in their faith and in their understanding of God and his world.    Ultimately if we provide our students with roots and wings we are enabling them to go above and beyond, be agents of change and to truly meet their full God-given potential.

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