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Is God Enough in Your Life?

Have you ever noticed the phenomena that when you learn a new word all of sudden that word seems to appear everywhere.  This happens to me all the time.  It always amazes me and gets me thinking about how much in this life I am missing because of my limited vocabulary.  Recently, it is not a word, but a phrase that seems to be everywhere for me.  It started in April when I was attending a ladies’ retreat and I heard the question, “Is God enough in your life?”  Since that day I have heard that phrase or similar ones to that effect several times over.  I was reading a book, which asked the same question, then I was reading an article where the author was sharing that she had just recently spoke at a conference by that title, and even the other morning I was listening to music when those words were repeated over and over again in the chorus. Is this a coincidence, phenomena or perhaps a break in the space-time continuum?  Well, when I stop and seriously think about it, I realize that the more likely conclusion is that this is God’s still small voice speaking to my heart’s priorities.

                With the question, “Is God enough in your life?” in the forefront of my mind I would love to say that my answer to that question would be a resounding, “Yes!” After all, I have been going to church weekly all my life, I made a personal decision to live for Jesus when I was fourteen, I have been in Christian ministry and now leadership for the past 20 years, of course my answer  is, “Yes.”  Yet, humbly and vulnerably I have to question myself again, is it really, yes?   There are many things in my life that fully engage me and make me truly happy and perhaps even define me. I am left to ask myself, would I be completely satisfied in Jesus at this moment if I didn’t have some of those things?  

                Christian artist Kari Jobe has a song entitled Always Enough on her album Majestic released in 2014.  When I read the words of this song, I see them not as a proclamation of my own faith (yet) but as an ongoing desire and prayer.

I will find my life in You
You're always enough
Always enough
Let the fullness of Your love
Be all I need
All I need

Consume me, come like a fire, oh God
Reign in me
For You alone will satisfy
There is no other
If I have You, I have everything
But without You, I have nothing

                  Maybe you’re searching in your own life, trying to find satisfaction for your soul.  I would like to challenge you to stop holding on to the things of this world, and to be willing to let go and let God in.   If you are up for the challenge then I encourage you to begin praying like I have been praying lately, “Lord, may you always be enough in my life, may the fullness of your love, be all I need.”

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