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Track and Field

Last week the entire school including our kindergarten students participated in a track and field meet hosted and organized by our friends at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Napanee. The event had close to 200 participants and included 3 schools and homeschool students from the Quinte and Kingston area. 

Now, as a student I loved track and field.   My long legs were an asset in my favourite events the long jump and triple jump. Even though I enjoyed the sport as a child I understand that it can be a difficult day for some students.  It can be disappointing going to event after event and never winning any ribbons.  With that said, I was very proud of all of our students.  I observed so many words of encouragement and support among our students.  Students were cheering each other on, and celebrating the victories of their friends and classmates.  What a pleasure it was to hear some of our students spontaneously start to chant the name of one of our Junior Kindergarten students as he ran down the track in the 60m race.  

It was a great day! As a school we won a total of 48 ribbons: 20 third place, 15 second place and 13 first place ribbons!! However, the number of ribbons we won is not what made it a great day.  It was a great day because our students showed true sportsmanship and were able to shine in their word and actions! 

J. Scrivens


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