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Living by Faith

Living by Faith

As principal it is always rewarding to see your students' beautiful work.  I am pleased to share with you a devotional written by grade 7 student Emily Harvey. She wrote this devotional as a school assignment on how faith grows. This devotional was already featured in in the May 24th edition of the County Weekly News.


Consider this… Your life may be full of plans. Maybe some of them are planned out by parents, teachers, family, or friends.  But what happens when something surprising or unpredicted happens? When you must face the unknown? Maybe then your future seems like a big question mark.


Let’s say on Saturday you planned a picnic with your friends.  You were going to do all kinds of fun activities.  When Saturday came, it rained, a lot.  You may have waited to see if it would stop.  Instead it ended up turning into a thunderstorm.  You probably didn’t expect this, you checked the weather earlier in the week and it didn’t say it was going to rain.  None of you saw it coming.  It may be a small deal, but it’s still disappointing, right?


Living with everyday figured out would be a piece of cake but having no clue what is going to happen next, will leave you with faith.  The future may be unknown, but God sure isn’t.  So, don’t let an uncertain tomorrow, delete what your faith is in God, and what you know about him.  God is powerful and in control.  Don’t let anyone take that away.


You may not know what’s coming next in your journey, but you can be sure of God.  Evidence of spiritual life living in you, is having a heart okay with uncertainties. Where there are uncertainties there will be faith, where there is faith you will surely find God. 


Without a few mysterious surprises scattered here and there, your faith would be weak and useless.  There would be no need of it and nowhere to test it.  So, don’t freak out when your future is foggy, because the unknown will help make your faith become stronger when you look to God.


Without faith you would constantly be worried about tomorrow.  You would also be using your time and energy to make all the unknowns, known.


God wouldn’t bring you to it if he wasn’t going to help you through it.  So, accept the unknown!  Because you can look to the one who is certain, powerful, and loving.  Life will be an exciting adventure if you accept what will happen and put your trust and faith in God!


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