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Our Children's Future

Here is the text of the appeal speech presented to attendees at the school's 2018 Fundraising Banquet.


Consider the year 2032.

Can you envision what life will be like in that year?

 At the rate that the world is changing it is hard to even imagine what our world will be like.  Can you believe they are estimating that the world population will be at 8.5 billion people by then? That number is over a billion more people then there are on the planet right now.   We currently live in a world that is changing at breakneck speed and in a world that is dramatically different from 10 years ago even different from five years ago.  Technology is a major contributor to these changes – but it is not the only factor.  Consider the changes in political leadership across Ontario, Canada and North America, look at climate change and the intensity of natural disasters around the world. Five years ago would the words TESLA, Airbnb or Uber have even meant anything to you?  Five years ago how many children and tweens had their own cell phone or personal device with personal accounts on multiple social media platforms?  Five years ago most of us probably still went to a store to do our Christmas shopping (probably at Sears). Now we shop from home and receive our package at our doorstep sometimes even the next day, thank you Amazon Prime. 

Again, I invite you to think about the year 2032. 

A recent report published by Dell Technologies says that changes in our world are about to get a lot faster than they even currently are. So fast, in fact, their report authored by the Institute for the Future is predicting that 85 per cent of the jobs that will exist in the year 2030 haven't even been invented yet.

So, why am I choosing the year 2032?

The year 2032 is the year that is the maturity date listed on my daughter’s RESP. For her and her classmates in her Junior Kindergarten class that is the year that they will graduate from high school. We are educating and raising children now for a world we can’t even envision, a world we can’t imagine, and for jobs that don’t even currently exist.

The reality is we are living in a post Christian society. We are moving farther and farther away from Christian truths and values. Our world is changing so dramatically fast. It is now more important than ever that our children are grounded in their faith, that they know God’s word, and that they know who they are as a child of God. So when they are up at night on their phone texting or on Instagram and are not willing to go to sleep because of the fear the conversation will go on without them – and may turn against them – that they will be able to stop and rest and be at peace in knowing that they are a child of God, that they are loved by him, and that their identity is in Him and not based on the opinion of others.

  As our children enter into these unchartered waters where everything around them seems to be changing they need to know undeniably that they can trust in God, who is the same yesterday, today and forever – that they have both an anchor and a lighthouse in Him.  They need to have God’s word hidden in their hearts so they can hold onto his promises, so that when life becomes challenging they will be able to remember the beauty and power of Psalm 139 that they memorized in kindergarten with Ms. Daniels.   They need to have God’s word to help them in their decision making, life choices, and to be able to hold on to Truth – God’s truth – truth with a capital T. Yes, there is such a thing as truth, not lies, not fake news or alternate ideologies that only mask our brokenness and make us feel more comfortable in this ever changing world of sin. God’s word is real and God’s word is the Truth. 

Our children, my daughter need an education taught from a biblical worldview.  They need an education that puts Christ first.  Most importantly they need an education that teaches them there are more important things in this world than selfies, Instagram posts, YouTube subscribers, wealth and personal gains. 

I am not speaking to you tonight as a principal, but as a passionate parent. My daughter has only had 20 days of schooling – but she already has a Bible journal filled with stories and pictures of God’s story and His plan to rescue us through his son Jesus. I know this is just the beginning of so much more she will learn.

 I am asking you to partner with us.  As a Christian community we need to rally together to prepare this next generation for the uncertainties they are going to face in this world. We need to give these young people an education that will allow them to move forward with boldness, courage and passion for their faith.  We need to stand together to help these children make a difference in the world for the Kingdom of God.

J Scrivens



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