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Dive In!

Here is the article I submitted for the County Weekly News this week.  It proves that you are never too old to learn new things.  It also shows how the simplest aspects of our lives can act as parallels to our Christian faith and walk. 

Dive In!

As a child I grew up near the shores of Lake Huron. Even though my family lived only a few kilometres from the lake I spent very little time in or on the water.  The combination of busy summers on the farm combined with my motherís fear of water kept my family on dry land.  Therefore I never learned how to swim. 

Ironically, in 2010 my husband and I ended up buying a home that came complete with an in ground pool in the back yard.  The first summer I would step in and swim (mostly doggy paddle) with my swim noodle as my constant companion at my side.  The second summer I started to relax more and began to be more comfortable in the water.   My doggy paddle turned into a more natural swim and by the end of the summer my husband thought it was time for me to learn how to dive to the bottom of the pool.  My attempts failed and somehow I still ended up floating near the surface.  We are now in our third summer with the pool.  My husband the perseverant coach and constant cheerleader was determined to see me be able to dive in to the water and pick up the diving toy that he had placed strategically in the deepest part of our pool.   

My husband will tell you (and I have to admit itís true) that my number one problem in attaining this goal is hesitation, closely followed by a lack of focus on the goal.  I hesitate, make up excuses, and have to search within myself to find the mental fortitude and the courage to be able to just dive in.  Once under the water doubt starts to creep in and I give up without the prize in hand. 

After three summers and numerous attempts last week I was finally able to meet my goal. Wow, what a great feeling!   It was both invigorating and refreshing.   I realized to get the prize at the bottom of the pool I needed to give it my all, remain focused, and keep my eyes on it or else I would return to the surface of the water discouraged and empty handed.  

I believe that faith and trusting in God works much the same way.  I canít be on the edge of the pool of life, hesitating, deciding what things I can trust God with and what things I am going to hold on to.  God calls us to trust in him with all of our hearts. (Proverbs 3:5).  You need to give it your all, wholeheartedly, or else you are going to be belly flopping near the surface and not receiving the fullness of what God has to offer.  In Matthew 14 Jesus is walking on the water towards Peter when he calls Peter to "Come.Ē   The Bible doesnít say that Peter had to think about it, or that he stood on the edge of the boat hesitantly deciding whether or not to go ahead with it.  In faith, Peter got down out of the boat, stepped on the water and walked toward Jesus.  Peter started off great, trusting completely, but he let the stormy waters distract him and he took his eyes off of the goal. He started to doubt and then sink before Jesus rescued him and returned him to the boat.  For us we need to have the trust, faith and courage to dive in and trust God completely and then the focus to continue to rely on Him each day of our life. When you give your heart, your life, your all and just dive in it is then when you will be able to fully experience the fullness of what God has to offer.   So what are you waiting for Ė dive in!  

Julie Scrivens

Principal Sonrise Christian Academy




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