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Project Based Learning

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?

Project based learning is students engaged in real work that supports the real world.  As students participate in these learning initiatives, they are able to develop skills in: design work (website, posters, advertisements), marketing, public speaking, collaboration with others, and the ability to work with experts to receive feedback.

As curious, compassionate and courageous Kingdom builders, how can we partner with local organizations to make an impact on our community for the Kingdom of God?

As we are helping our students do real work for the real people in the real world, we are also raising them up to be engaged, compassionate citizens of our community. 

Intermediate (Gr. 6/7/8) PBL:

Partnering with the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation (PECMHF)

The Intermediate class at Sonrise has partnered with our local hospital foundation to bring awareness for the costs of priority medical equipment. The province pays for the salaries of the hospital's employees, but they do not pay for our medical equipment. It is the responsibility of the community to purchase the hospital's equipment as well as pay for the repairs and maintenance of the building. 

To begin their journey, the Intermediate class visited the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital and learned from the Foundation members, Shannon Coull and Briar Boyce.  During the visit, the students were shown the hospital's current equipment and why the need for new equipment was so important. The students learned the cost of purchasing new equipment like a portable x-ray machine, defibrillator and iv infusion pumps. 



Junior (Gr. 4/5) PBL:    

Partnering with Ten Thousand Villages

Our Junior class has learning about Fairtrade this year and the role Ten Thousand Villages plays in creating a more just world.