"When I sent my oldest daughter to junior kindergarten at Sonrise last year I soon noticed something very special about the students at the school. As I walked my daughter in and out of the school, many of the students, in the senior grades in particular, greeted her warmly and by her first name, this really made us feel welcome. My daughter would tell me about various students who helped her with her boots, gloves and various other difficulties. It was very clear that my daughter was part of a family of students at Sonrise. What a reassurance this was to me as a first time school-parent to see so many people watching out for my daughter.  The teachers at Sonrise have certainly done something right to produce older students who genuinely care for the little ones in the school."


P. H.

" 'We only get out of something what we put in to something."

This holds true to the life at Sonrise, and certainly holds true to the lives of our children. We are very thankful for the influence that Sonrise staff had on our two children. "


 F. L.

"Sonrise provides our 3 children with an enriched education in a warm, caring environment. Teachers are enthusiastic, creative and are genuinely liked.  Parents are always welcome at the school and we often chat with the teachers as friends.  Sonrise children are encouraged to strive for good grades, but never sacrifice courtesy and kindness to one another. The children delight in each other's successes. Sonrise is fun. We know this from the smiles we see and the laughter we hear.
Class sizes are small and interaction amongst the grades is encouraged. Friendships are not restricted to age or grade...  We encourage you to consider Sonrise's personal touch."
D & V. G.

" Sonrise Christian Academy integrates academic, moral and spiritual education. The small classes and whole school philosophy support student progress in curriculum, sports and artistic activities, all within a Christian environment. Sonrise has been an excellent school for our children."

H & S. C.